7 tips of inspecting portable house that you can get them in 2 min

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7 tips for you before your portable house get setting up

Have made a appointment of prefab house inspection with our clien in this afternoon ,however when we came out ,there was a heavy rain out there. 

Fortunately , the rain have gone when we arrived the construction site.It might be a good timing for us to check our modular house whether got leaked or not.

Summary :

The project took probably a month to get finshed not only including construction of concrete cement foundation , the installation of steel frame components and sandwich panels ,but also having the electric system ,drainage system and tiles placing completed.

Safety promise and guaranteed infrastructures are our number one goal to achieve .

Client 's requirement :

  1. The life services of our modular house should be more than 15 years at least.

  2. The demand of the live load capacity of floors should be flexiblely heighten ,because the house would be used as a accommodation for employee of care center ,where is located right in front of the the modular house ,and luggages moving would be a high frequency activity that needs our engineers to consider it as a vital problem .

Solution to client 's requirement :

  1. We choose a model that can conceal the light steel frame of house like columns and beams to keep a nice consistency of appearance .

  2. We select a popular blue color for the color of blue and cream color for the color of wall.

  3. Considered the material of the second floor we use is concrete cement ,then the steel frame of columns need to take more loading weight to hold the integrate stability .so we choose h steel as the main components of first foor .

  4. The second floor will not take such high loading weight as the first floor does ,so we choose a more economical components ,c steel ,as the main components of the second floor .

  5. Instead of choosing sandwich panel or plywood as the cover material of the second floor ,we choose the cream color tiles as material of tiles of the second floor, to response the color consistency of wall panel’s , atmosphering sense of safety for employees.

  6. The aluminum alloy windows we used , are not only antirust , but also have a good portition of weight for the users who pull or push them.we still not forget to keep consistency of the house yet , choosing the cream color sandwich panel doors as doors .

  7. Public wifi and acs cover all modular accommodations.

  8. The aluminum clasp ceilings that we choose are simple ,elegant and low - cost ,perfectly satisfying our client s requirements.

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Maybe some of readers are still considering the problem that i just mentioned aboved that whether our client s house got leaked on that day of acceptance .

Of course no ,the gable slope roof effectively completes the drainage work , leaving the rain drops no way to stock and leak .

Next time i will share some methods about how to yearly maintain the house with you that are practical to apply in normal condition.