Forms/Types Of Steel Structure Buildin

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Over the years, many types of construction have emerged, with different techniques but steel structure is still a very unique type, with different methods and types of construction.  

A steel structure building is a metal structure that is made from structural steel. If you do decide to go for structural steel and construct a structural steel building. 

For this reason, you must patronize a very reliable manufacturer of structural steel building so that you can trust all the materials that would be purchased from the manufacturer. 

To understand the full advantage of steel structure we must comprehend its different types and what they are best suited for.

There are different types of steel structure, below are a few you can consider for your steel structure building.

1.T Beam

A tee beam or T beam is a weight lifting beam and it is shaped like a letter T. The top of this cross-section is the overhang. This tee beam is suited for carrying heavy loads and it allows large loads to be carried fittingly. 

So if your projects or building construction involves heavy lifting then the "T" beam is your best choice of structural steel.

2.L- Shaped

These "L" shaped beams are best suited with building foundations, the purpose of this   “L” shaped beam is so common is because they provide superior firmness for floor and they also reduce operational complexity. 

So if you want a strong foundation for your building you should consider using L shaped beam. Because of the importance of this L shaped beam, it is important to be very careful and patronize a very reliable manufacturer of steel structure building. 

3.I beam or H Beam

This I beam is also known as the H beam and it is popularly called the universal beam because of its horizontal element. 

This beam is good for its bending capabilities i.e. this beam is very flexible, which makes it easy to work with.


These structural steel pipes are used a lot in construction work. Normally steel pipes are frequently used for gas, oil, and water projects, simply because these steel pipes are hollow with cylindrical tubes, so their hollowness makes them the best fit for projects that involves gas oil or water or any other element.

5.Custom shapes

Engineers today are not hindered by the available shapes. Using only the most common shapes can be boring, using custom metal fabrication opens the doors to a diversity of exceptional structural steel shapes for any type of project. 

Using modern equipment such as waterjet, laser metal fabricators steel can be cut into any shape you require. This is why it is important to patronize a manufacturer of structural steel building that is up to date with modern technology   


Structural steel is one of the most malleable and useful building equipment and different engineers have achieved major feats using this structural steel.

However, in order to accomplish a great building, it is important to patronize reliable manufacturer of steel structure building that has been in business for long.