The 3 Common Types Of Steel Building Constructions

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In the construction industry steel is always a major material to rely on. When creating structures with matchless potency and durability steel always comes in mind. Its worth is none to be comparable with other materials.

Numerous benefit comes with the choice of structural steel in construction. Buildings that are made from steel involve several structural frames. 

Steel Structure Building

Time is the most sought after when undertaking a particular construction. This is an advantage when steel is used for constructing structures because less time is required.

Steel structures have high resistance due to their strength, and they cost-effective when compared to other materials, such as concrete for construction purposes. 

Also, there are various benefits of using steel over other construction materials. Steel buildings are environment-friendly and can withstand natural calamities like earthquakes.

However, whenever you want to use steel for your buildings, quality should be paramount. This can only be achieved by careful selection for an experienced pre engineered building manufacturer for your construction project.

For your next construction project, the following are the common types of steel used in construction worldwide:

1.Structural steel

Structural steel shapes are developed from steel that is fashioned out of a specific cross-section. Chemical composition and mechanical properties are the definite standards followed during development. 

Pre engineered building manufacturer structural steel comes with varieties in terms of shapes. This includes Z shape, I-Beam, L shape, HSS shape, T shape, Bar, Plate, Rod, Rail profile, structural channel, open joist of web steel, etc. Standard structural steel specifications are based on different countries’ guidelines.

The following are the advantages of structural steel; there are durable, ductile, and strong. Also, it can be transformed into any shape depending on the type of construction. It can be constructed with less time on the construction site. Structural steel is fire resistant.

2.Mild steel

Mild steel is one of the 3 common types of steel from pre engineered building manufacturer. It is also known as plain-carbon steel. 

It is one of the major types of steel used in steel building constructions. It is very strong and durable and does guarantee robust formation. 

Carbon steel provides high strength which makes it more appropriate for buildings. It is flexible just like structural steel.

 Hence, it easily bent with no possibility of crack. It is a choice material just like structural steel. It also can withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes.

3.Rebar steel

Rebar steel is also known as reinforcing steel. This type of steel is commonly used for the reinforced concrete structures as a tension device. 

Reinforcing steel is developed from carbon steel and it is commonly to cautioned tension in concrete reinforcement. Also, other masonry structures to help hold the concrete in a compressed state. 

They come with various types of grades that are found in varying specifications in vibrant ductile strength, elongation percentage, and chemical composition. 

The pride of pre engineered building manufacturer is the durability, resistance, and stiffness that rebar steel provides spreads through a wide range that other types of steel do not have.


When sourcing for steel material for your structural construction project, durability, ductility, robustness that comes with resistance to natural disasters should be your first point of call.

Be a wise builder today that builds always team up with a dependable and experienced hand and pre engineered building manufacturer is that reputable firm for all your steel projects.