Where to Find Steel Frame House Supplier

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Many people are looking for low-cost housing. They still want to have a balance between cost and strength. Prefabricated house suppliers in China are ideally placed to fill this gap in the market. Some of them can provide housing to many parts of the world.

steel frame house supplier

The properties of prefabricated houses

- Any Chinese manufactured home produced by a reputable manufacturer is safe to live in.

- In most cases, these structures also have a life span covering up to 50 years.

- Once inside a well-designed prefab house, it is hard to believe that the house is not made of brick and mortar.


Modular, prefabricated houses

Many companies in China produce modular houses of the highest quality. One of the main components of these buildings is tubular steel frames. This type of structure enables the supplier of prefabricated houses to produce buildings with extremely modern designs.

Steel tubular frames are solid. As a result, it is possible to build multi-storey houses. In many areas of mainland China, you will find the most beautiful double-deck prefabricated houses.

This type of design makes it possible to produce buildings that can be used as large family houses. Although these houses are prefabricated, the structures are considered permanent structures.


All wall panels and parts of the tubular steel frame structures are manufactured off-site at the factory. Once the steel frame house supplier gets all materials on site, it usually takes about 20 days to construct the building.


Container house designs

These types of prefabricated houses in China are built with the same design that is used to manufacture containers. Each unit has the same dimensions as a typical storage container that has a rectangular shape. It also has a sturdy metal frame.


These structures are often used as temporary housing or office space at construction sites. One of the reasons is that it is simple and quick to assemble. Once the metal frame has been erected, it is an easy process to install the prefabricated wall panels.


Prefabricated house decoration

When you're in the market for a low-cost manufactured home, it's good to know that there are experts who can turn your designs into absolute masterpieces. Today they have many different colors of paints and stains that can be applied to prefabricated wall panels successfully.

As a potential homeowner, you can choose from a variety of colors and finishes. Some prefabricated home suppliers are able to produce homes that have the exterior appearance of brick and mortar homes


Plumbing, electricity and roofing.

Prefabricated houses in China can have the same finish as traditional houses.



These houses may be equipped with full bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. If necessary, you may even have a running water supply.



You can have your prefab house equipped with the power to provide lighting for the rooms and all other living areas,




Often the roof of these houses is made of some kind of corrugated metal sheets. Roofs can also be made from specially designed prefabricated panels that can be used as roof panels.