Advancement of flat packed container house

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Over the past years ,the container house production have been advanced to a new era that one that has ability to transform to save transfer space have started to take over the one that does not.

I cant agree more with that now in construction production there are two popular products getting more and more attention when people doing business in overseas ,one of them flat packed container and another one is foldable container .Both of them has the ability to effiently save the cost of transfer ,making other container products feel suffocate during export trading.

To correspond to marketing demand ,the engineers of BingCheng decided to advance the container products ,trying best to make them meet the capacity of 40ft container.

The main progress we made are introduced as follow :

  • Size recreation 

The size of portable container hosue we used for export trade :5850 * 2880 * 2870  ,未标题-2 副本.jpg

whereas the flat packed advanced one is 5900 2400 2896 ,which is more transportation-efficient .

未标题-1 副本.jpg

  • Structural optimization 

The highlight of the process is in order to improve the efficiency of installation we eliminated some screws that are unnecessary and then changed their placing position to hold the balance .


  • Drainage system 

We adjusted the drainage route to connect with the ground ,avoiding them just rushing out of the roof .