Delivery and installation of flat packed container house

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  • Delivery

The size of flat packed container house is 5900/2400/2896 ,very close to 20 ft container 

,which 5880/2880/2870.

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To ensure that we can correctly make the 40 ft container full with flat packed container ,we will assign each part of prefabricated components to each package enclosed with checked tags

before packing .The prepared tags are used to make sure that each parts of product can be 

followed on the site during installation .

Commonly ,40 ft container can take 8 sets of flat packed container ,as 20 gp container 

taking 4 .Caution : whenever you are loading or unload , you should consider the safety of 

installers and make sure no more operation when crane is not available . 

  • Installation:

Build up the frame with bolts.

It's not necessary to install the wall ,door ,window in order ,but there is only one thing you need keep in mind that having assistance is always better off than none.

One last thing ,normally each sandwich panels that we used need to have at least two bolts fixed respectively on the top edge and bottom edge.