Weza from Angola


Our client ,Weza from Angola ,needed a steel frame manufacturer to help him design a soap factory ,whose size was 102m * 45.3m ,over 5000 sqm in total .The structure was not kind of simple regular steel frame but a workshop complex with multiple steel frame model ,including MULTI-SPAN CONSTRUCTION model ,ADDITIONAL CONSTRUCTION model ,and SINGLE-SPAN CONSTRUCTION model .So the installation of such factory that invoked multiple steel frame model must be complicated and need professional guidance .About the quotation ,our client came up with a quotation with lower price that another manufacturer offered and implied us to provide some compromise .


When our client came up with compromise about the price .we tried our best to satisfy him and finally won his trust .

The models used in the project was complicated that involved 3 models.

So our designers came up with considerable solutions to our client to adapt the price,which were comprised of single-span construction model ,multi-span low-rise construction model and additional construction model.

Here is how we suggest Weza to select the material.The material of main frame such as beams and columns used Q235B steel to support stability ,and only the walls on the first floor used brick for cover while the rest exterior cover using corrugated steel and EPS sandwich panels .

Finally,the draft of the factory was so complicated that we used WhatsApp to get communication to help our client finish installation.

Project TimeLine

Dec 2017: first interaction.
March 2018: 2018,our client sent the final precise draft,so we can get further interaction .
March 2018: After quotation, we finally agreed with each other and signed the contract.
Late March 2018: we were notified that the draft and quotation needed to be modified.
April 2018: Production were about to start.
May 2018: We started to deliver them to Angola one by one.
July 2018: all of components had arrived Angola and we confered with our client that shall we send some engineers                            to help installation .
August- October: we used WhatsApp to get communication to help our client finish installation.
Late October 2018: over 5000 sqm soap factory was finally completed .
Project Photo Gallery
CAD Configuration