Nathan from Australia


This wasn't the first order that Nathan placed to us ,we had cooperated with another steel frame project whose size was 1,200 sqm and some dormitory containers ,preceding this contract .Since we had cooperated very well along the time ,we knew what he want even though we hadn't talk to each other.The plant should be long life span and whose installation should be as quick as possible because manual cost in Australia have raised to a very high degree,by the way the size of the plant this time was 42m * 20m ,which is 840 sqm in total.


To make sure that the plant might be have long life span ,we suggest our client using galvanized steel as core frame material .Concern about the size that our client had provided to us ,we suggestion single-span construction model for our client primarily ,because the size were in a condition that is of regular square,which is suitable for that model.

Furthermore ,the installation of that model would take the least time ,saving lots of cost for our client.

So far ,we stayed in touch with our client just in case of there were further business that he would need us to cooperate .

Project TimeLine

November 2017: started to discuss the 42 * 20 sqm steel frame project .
January 2018: things were settled down ,and we signed the contract ,preparing for production.
February 2018: we finished the production and delivered it to Australia.
March 2018: our client received the container that we delivered.
March 2019: however ,his installation project just have been held down until March ,2019.
April 2019: the installation were due to finished within a week.
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