Building Steel Structure Design Examples

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Why does the construction industry like to use steel structures today, such as high-rise buildings, industrial parks, etc. What is the significance of building steel structure design?

The significance of building steel structure

Building steel structure is a steel-based framework structure formed by the joint construction of steel plates and hot-rolled steel. If it is compared with the traditional brick-concrete structure, the building steel structure is stronger and tougher than the traditional brick-concrete structure, and the internal organization is very tight and uniform. Building steel structures have many advantages, and in the construction process, the construction difficulty is much lower than other building methods. Therefore, architectural steel structures are widely used in bridge construction, industrial plants, and civil buildings. Want to learn some building steel structure design examples?

Here are some of our building steel structure design examples review:

Bernardino Building Steel Structure Design Case from Philippines

Bernardino Building steel structure design example

Customer's Requirements

Based on the draft Bernardino had offered to us, he wanted to build a workshop & warehouse whose size was 99m * 153m, which is 15,147 sqm in total. Our client ,Bernardino , was a project contractor whose business experience of project construction was really rich .Time is precious for him, so he needed one-stop service with reasonable price and good quality .There will be ventilation on the top of his workshop ,so he needed us to design a customized roof with steel frame for the ventilations hen the whole structure should hole a strong stability and has a lifespan that over 20 years.

Bingcheng Steel Frame House's Solutions
Angola-multiple span soap workshop design case
Even though we didn't start up the business relationship until 2015, we still kept in touch and exchanged many ideas about construction and construction development and selections of material of steel frame.

Weza Steel Structure Design Case from Angola

Our client, Weza from Angola, needed a steel frame manufa

cturer to help him design a soap factory, whose size was 102m * 45.3m, over 5000 sqm in total. It’s a typical steel building design example form us. The structure was not kind of simple regular steel frame but a workshop complex with multiple steel frame model, including MULTI-SPAN CONSTRUCTION model, ADDITIONAL CONSTRUCTION model, and SINGLE-SPAN CONSTRUCTION model. So, the installation of such factory that invoked multiple steel frame model must be complicated and need professional guidance. About the quotation, our client came up with a quotation with lower price that another manufacturer offered and implied us to provide some compromise.


When our client came up with compromise about the price. We tried our best to satisfy him and finally won his trust. The models used in the project was complicated that involved 3 models. So, our designers came up with considerable solutions to our client to adapt the price, which were comprised of single-span construction model, multi-span low-rise construction model and additional construction model.

In the construction of construction engineering, the design of steel structure engineering can not only make the construction project have a larger span space, but also has the advantages of convenient installation and low cost, so it makes its application in construction engineering. In order to ensure the higher quality of construction steel structure engineering, it is necessary to strictly follow the relevant specifications and standards when designing steel structure engineering, and do the corresponding design points to provide users with more safe and reliable steel construction