Secret on how to take10 days to build up a hospital in Wuhan

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Secret on how to take10 days 

to build up ahospital 

in Wuhan

Construction solution

60 designers were convened within one hour, and public welfare projects were set up to raise materials in the meantime.Within 24 hours, the design plan had to be taken out .

Electric facilities

The relocation of two 10kV lines, the placement of 24 box type transformers and the laying of 8000 m power cables shall be completed before January 31, and the power transmission shall be started on time.

Before the completion of power cable laying, the silent generator trolley shall be provided to solve the emergency power supply problem of key equipment such as communication base station.



CNPC's on-site fuel truck and Sinopec Zhiyin Avenue gas station are expropriated to provide oil guarantee for the project site, as well as instant noodles, boiled water, meeting place and temporary toilet.Everything you can imagine were donated through public welfare projects and sent to site in days and nights.

Communication facilities

Huawei, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Tower, China Electronics, China information technology and other enterprises closely cooperate and cooperate in the battle. After completing 5g signal coverage in 36 hours, they also delivered computing and storage equipment for cloud resources and core systems, and built a remote consultation system with the PLA General hospital.

Site construction

500 builders and nearly 1000 mechanical equipment to enter the site quickly on the 50000 square meter beach slope beside Zhiyin Lake in Wuhan were commanded to start site leveling, road leveling and drainage engineering construction.

To conclue

To be honest , I think the fast assembly technique of modular container house may only be the secondary technique to explain the miracle ,the key point of the secret is executive force which implicitly pushed the process moved forward in the past 240 hours.