Naroeung form Kingdom of Cambodia

Leo From Kingdom of Cambodia


Our client Naroeung form Kingdom of Cambodia was representing a the board of his company, coming to China to search for a solution who can guide them to build a 5-floor height commodity building.He had taken over time to seek a manufacturer that have such technique and could offer them a reasonable price, however before he came to BingCheng, he got nothing but endless rejections, now desperately needed a solution. The size of his project was 21.8m*15.68m+35.32*11m which is over 2000 sqm in total.


After got the permission from our engineers, we agreed to assist our Naroeung to carry our their Skyscraper Project. We have been taken almost a week to optimize the quotation and material selection.Then finally, we came up with a settled solution. We used very strong +Q345 steel as the material of floor decking, bricks and cement as material of the wall.

Customer feed back: We are very satisfaction for Bing Cheng team’s service to finish this project safety and fast.

We decided place another project order to you in May of 2018, it is the same steel structure frame 4 floor building warehouse.

Project TimeLine

December 2016: Sign the Contract
January-March 2017: Shipped Time
April 2017: Installation Team Departure Time
April 2017: Finished the Steel Structure Frame Completion of the Main Building
October 2017: Finished Framework
October 2017: Finished time
Project Photo Gallery
CAD Configuration