Fireproof performance test of rock wool

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The test for fireproof performance is supposed to include EPS foam sandwich panels .But considering that the flaming EPS would produce a lot of toxic gases making us feel uncomfortable , here we take down EPS for accidental emergency ,only choose rock wool and glass wool as subjects of our experiment .

As we have known that ,even though both of rock wool and glass wool are guaranteed quality material for fireproof , normally rock wool is still a little bit more expensive than glass wool .So ,here goes is the question that we are going to use experiment data to answer ,if the price of these material are proportional to their fireproof performance .

Firstly ,we are having two samples that respectively belong these two different fireproof insulation .And then we need some combustion to create a fire emergency, and a fire extinguisher to kill the fire once we complete the test.

According to my smart phone record data , our experiment started at about 4:14 PM , finished at 4:30 PM, so the total duration is about 15mins .As we can see from the picture , the rock wool and glass wool have absolutely not ignited by fire .So we can mark down the first conclusion that these fireproof insulation won’t spread across in common condition .

From the second picture ,we can see that the size of two sample are not properly same as each other , which would lead the result of test may be subjective to convince .I couldn’t agree more with that the rock wool actually looks like more tough to be burnt than the glass wool just ,because their difference size.But I don’t think that we completely get rid of the conclusion the we just made only because of this mistake .The size doesn’t decide the property .

Let s back to the result of combustion .After 15mins combustion ,the glass wool sample has been burnt to a rough shape dark piece while the rock wool seemed have nothing being changed but a little smaller and faded color than before.I would measure their weight if I got a weight scale ,because now we couldnt see any weight change on the sample .But ,rock wool sample has made a better performance than the sample of glass wool obviously.Now ,I thick you might have got your own answer to the question.