Expandable bolts research

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Instruction of expandable bolts

                                                                              --applicaton of building construction

You know there might be still lots of people don’t know how to choose bolts if they need to install a bolt on the wall or something else like a hanger .So we will show you the most common and the most practical ways that are used in construction site.

First of all , I need to be clear for you that which bolts we will used to install on a wall.Let’s keep going .If we install something on the wall ,there is no other option for you except drilling through the wall .Now we are getting close to the answer , to choose a bolt that can perfectly fixed on wall ,expandable bolts would be a perfect answer .There are many different types of expandable bolt ,but all of them are obey one similar mechanism to make them fixed on the wall ,which is the size of bolt changes to be bigger after be inserted into the hole ,then bracing tightly across the whole tube.

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And for most building projects ,metal tube expandable bolts are one of the most common types that we use in practice .Come on ,why is it ? I thick that maybe ,expandable bolts are intense demand on construction bolts ,people can widely use them in the their plan with low cost.Even the other types of bolts could make better performance ,but the performance comes with the increment of cost.Normally they are out of people ‘s consideration .

Step one , installers would broadly choose the position tagged on the drawing ,then mark down a point on the wall with a pen or something conspicuous.

Step two , when point has been settled ,they would drill down a hole for a expandable bolt .Attention ,the depth being drilled must be fixed corresponding to the length of the expandable bolt, otherwise the expandable bolts would emerge a situation that standing out unnaturally or being embedded ,hardly can be reached.

Step three we will install the expandable bolt into the hole and tighten it up slowly to a ideal state .


Conclusion : There so many different size of expandable bolts for us to choose , the most important part is to make sure the size of the drilled hole must be at least 90 percent same as the expandable bolt ,including the caliber and depth.