How much are prefab steel buildings?

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Bing Cheng Steel Frame House is one of the premium providers of prefabricated metal buildings. Prefab building kits can range from $5000-$25000 depending on the size and shape of the structure. Prefab metal buildings are very versatile in their usage and application. These pre-engineered steel buildings can be very useful for outdoor storage purposes and are greatly known for their strength, durability, versatility and cost effective nature. Compared to other construction materials such as wooden sheds or barns, they have the upper hand and are always a top priority.

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Ben Cheng Steel Frame House is among the most competitive in the prefabricated steel structure industries providing the customers with a wide range of options and price quotes.  Most businesses find the prices of these metal buildings to be quite attractive. For less than $14 per square feet of space. These buildings also offer an advantage over traditional brick and mortar buildings due to their well-built quality. These metal buildings can last way longer that wood structures and are a 100% recyclable making them the perfect choice for many business owners.

Our metal buildings are fabricated and designed to exact standards and include many features that other companies hardly offer. The commitment to quality makes Bing Cheng Steel Frame House buildings more versatile and durable. Providing a vast range of structures, whether you need a low rise office building, restaurant, auto dealership, car wash, tire store or even a medical clinic. From providing commercial buildings to custom designed structures, we’ve got it all.

Besides versatility durability and cost effective nature, these steel buildings also require very little maintenance and the Bing Cheng metal building kits are extremely easy to assemble. Each piece is marked for easy identification and can be erected in a very logical manner with high-strength bolts and self-drilling screws taking less time to build than other structures. 

If you are interested in building a new structure, you can get all the required information at From choosing the best material, design from installation. Bing Cheng Steel Frame House provides good quality and fast delivery with a knowledgeable building specialist to help you walk through all your options providing the ideal option and the best usage of your steel buildings where ever you are located.