50 m * 20 m , over 10 thousand square ft workshop are ready to land in Saipan

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The solution has been approached , each department are ready to process the production for this workshop . 

Let s focus our sight onto the design of the model . As we know , most of model of workshop and warehouse are regular rectangle model , which means whose doors are expectedly located on the edge .The reason why people like the regular design is engineer can easily arrange the steel components on the site , it won 't take much time for such model like these ,no matter how enormous it is ,to come up with a solution and quotation . However , for our client from Saipan , who didn ' t buy the conventional design , he need a more creative one rather  ,like the mentioned above.He explained that he needed a interactive pork for transportation to improve the rate of unloading and loading .We all are excited to hear that , and come together discuss a approaching solution for him .