Puasa from Malaysia


Our client Puasa ,from Malaysia ,had a large scope construction project in local,searching for manufacturer who can offer a  solution for him.Here is the blueprint .He needed to build some dormitorys and offices which could be assembled in a short time and disassembled once the project was done.The scope for this construction were close to 1000 sqm.And the materials used the construction must satisfy these following requirement:firstly,antimosquito : the climate in Malaysia is an ideal condition for mosquito to breed and live .Secondary , waterproof :both rainy and  high humidity are most common weather features in Malaysia which attracting mosquitos.


EPS woulb be the ideal material for Ben's project ,because the EPS has feature of antimosquito and waterproofing ,showing highly adaptive in those whose climate is tropical climate like Malaysia .So we offered the solution of using EPS panels as the main material for walls and roofs.

We suggested the size as these following :Size:laundry room shall be 3K*12K*3P ,surau-mosque shall be 5K*12K*3P,canteen shall be 20m*50m,dormitory shall be 3K*20K*6P,toilet shall be 3K*10K*3P.(1K=1.82m,1P=0.95m)

To ensure the cost of project was under control of Ben 's quota ,we provided K style prefabricated house whose cost would be absolutely low with recycle-use feature to Puasa.

Project TimeLine

2013: first interaction.
April 2015: the client contacted us.
from April to October: we've revised the solutions for our client over 20 times.
November 2015: our export manager flew to Malaysia and took over the contract.
March 2016: our client came and visit our factory while we were starting packaging products to Malaysia.
May 2016: we sent 7 engineers to Malaysia assisting the installation.
July 2016: project was finished ,and our engineers came back soon.
Project Photo Gallery
CAD Configuration