Bernardino from Philippines


Based on the draft Bernardino had offered to us ,he wanted to build a workshop&warehouse whose size was 99m * 153m ,which is 15,147 sqm in total.Our client ,Bernardino , was a project contractor whose business experience of project construction was really rich .Time is precious for him, so he needed one-stop service with reasonable price and good quality .There will be ventilation on the top of his workshop ,so he needed us to design a customized roof with steel frame for the ventilations.Then the whole structure should hole a strong stability and has a lifespan that over 20 years.


Even though we didn't start up the business relationship until 2015,we still kept in touch and exchanged many ideas about construction  and construction development and selections of material of steel frame.

we chose Q345B steel whose strength is higher than Q235B's as the material of core frame while using Q235B steel as the material of the rest accessories .                To ensure antirust capacity and improve its lifespan ,we had coated every single beam ,column and purlin fwe used .

To help repairers check and fix the ventilation upon the roof in the future ,we provided the solution that against the wall on one side,installing a maintain stair .

Project TimeLine

2013: first interaction
June 2015: our client placed the first order to us.
November 2015: the Philippine workshop project was basically finished.
Project Photo Gallery
CAD Configuration