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Senegal ,6000 sqm workshop



Client from Senegal,Africa

A steel structure project of water factory was sized about 6000 square meter in a dimension of 100m * 60m *7m .Switch to ft , it’s almost 20,000 square ft . Even though the contract had been signed ,the plan of this project was not resolved.Such behavior was against the interest of us but we still found a way to reconcile the problem .The foundation of Senegal project had been placed in local earlier before we signed the contract ,and it had to be reset to fix the new plan since the foundation have changed to a new one after signing the contract.


3 arranged engineers were sent to Senegal for installation .However, after arrival ,we found that we had a defective foundation ,which completely different from the new drawings .So we had to spend 5 days of our occupations to fix it to be adaptive to our plan before the commencement.Luckily ,since then,we got along with the other parts of installation very well.We finished the installation of the water factory and flew back to China in January 2018.The whole installation only took 3 months.

Project TimeLine

690 400.JPG
March 2016: We met in March 2016 and discussed the scale of the project.
July 2016: We did investigations in Senegal.
Oct 2016:We signed the contract but had no deposit received.
Feb 2017: We got the rest deposit of the project and started to arrange production.
March 2017: The client had a new plan for his project and needed the production stopped.
April to June: Production of components were processing.
June 2017: Delivery of 23 containers began.
August 2017: Our client received all his ordered.
Late October 2018: over 5000 sqm soap factory was finally completed .
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CAD Configuration