Under what circumstances will the portable modular house/portable house be used?

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1.jpgUnder what circumstances will the portable modular house be used?

ⅰ.Used in construction site ,for temporary accommodation .

Not only in China ,but also all over the world ,if there are infrastructure construction or estate construction ,there are portable modular house for support .People who under the circumstance that take time to recover ,1 or 2 years ,even loner than our participate would need infrastructure support like accommodations ,canteen ,toilet .If so ,portable modular house would have a priority to be considered because the styles and layout can be customed to fix different demands .The portable house can be changed to be dormitory modular ,toilet modular and canteen modular .

ⅱ.Used as tiny storage privately, storing stuffs.The tiny modular house actually are welcomed in countryside and built nearly their home for convenience. Generally ,their scale are less than 30 sqm.

ⅲ.Used in reconstruction of disaster area.

ⅳ.Used as infrastructures ,such as public toilet ,public bathroom ,public canteen .

ⅴ.Used as labor homes or offices, in some workshops and warehouse ,to provide some convenience to people whose home far from the work place.Actually we have had some clients from south Asia who placed some big orders for dormitory built beside the workshop .