What kind of advantages does portable modular house have?

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What kind of advantages does portable modular house have?

We call the house made with sandwich panels & portable light steel beams and columns as portable modular house.

1.Quick build and multipurpose,like offices , accommodations ,making them used widely over past years.

2.Take less space than traditional building .Thry can be customized in 15 sqm to 160 sqm and so on.Infrastructures would be guaranteed.

3.Good thermal insulation, making people feel warm in winter , cool in summer .     

4.Anti-seismic .For example, earthquake of magnitude eight happened in Sichuan ,China ,2008,earthquake of magnitude seven happened in Fukushima ,Japan,2011. Both of them have used portable modular house as temporary relief camp and finally got regeneration.     

Here is a recent project of portable house in Sri Lanka . We made a research for the annual temperature in Sri Lanka to convince our client .The annual temperature report is as follow by www.holiday-weather.com 


The main reason for why our client choosed portable modular house as resident is that the house has an ability to be thermal interiorly ,keeping people who lives in feel comfortable  ,even in a average temperature of 29 degrees .