What are the characteristics of steel structure buildings?

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The advent of metals as components of buildings and other structures began in the 19th century. During this period, metallic structures revolutionized the construction industry. This is because it gave the possibility of making infinite positions for different designs. 

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Metal structures are considered any structure where most of the materials used are metallic. One significant metal that has been of immense use in buildings today is steel. The physical properties of steel have been improving over time. Steel metals gave rise to a wide range of construction techniques and new designs that could be applied in buildings.

Steel structures are more prominent in the industrial sector. The reason behind this is that steel has extraordinary characteristics which makes it perfect for any construction work. Also, steel structures are more functional and less expensive when compared to the traditional structures or buildings.

Most if not all engineering and architectural projects make use of steel materials as the foundation and main support materials. The reason that steel makes the most important materials for such projects is due to their several properties. One of such properties is their ability to withstand the entire weight of the building or structure as well as their resistance to the pressure and mechanical forces exerted on it.  

In addition to the structural integrity and other physical characteristics of steel structure buildings, the materials necessary for its construction are usually cheap compared to other materials whose properties are different. 

If we study the properties of steel as a structural material, we find different advantages:

  • It has a high resistance to weight, which makes the structure itself weigh less.

  • Its properties do not change over time apparently.

  • It can last indefinitely if the maintenance of the structures we build with steel is adequate.

  • Highly ductile, which makes it able to withstand large deformations without the material cracking.

  • It is tenacious since it can absorb energy.

  • All these particularities help the constant commercialization of steel, since it makes it a very accessible and demanded material.

  • Owing to these steel properties, it is easier to deduce the characteristics of a steel structure or building.

  • Steel structures are stronger and more resistant to the effects of wind and vibrations compared to the conventional brick or strictly block buildings. 

Take away

It is relatively easier and quicker to complete steel structure buildings. It is also easier to rectify faults and repair them if there is any. In addition to this property, structures built with steel materials are resistant to the effects of humidity and other environmental agents such as wind and vibration. 

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