What are the differences between pre-engineered buildings and steel structure buildings?

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As businesses keep opting for new production units such as distribution centers and warehouses, commercial buildings keep multiplying. The best fit for such commercial requirements would be the Pre-engineered buildings also known as the PEB. 

Here, we are going to be looking at the differences between the pre-engineered buildings and the conventional metal buildings

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Construction time

In pre-engineered steel buildings, the metal frames and other components are simply integrated. On the average, it could take within six to eight weeks to get the construction process completed. However, in the conventional metal building process, longer time is required to get the construction completed. This could take an average period of twenty to twenty six weeks. 

In the design

While conventional metal structures are built using the elaborate construction plans from the foundation to completion, the Pre-engineered steel buildings are created using computerized designs.  In the case of the pre-engineered steel buildings, metal frames and other structural components are simply assembled together. Here, the number of materials needed for the entire construction process and their measures are assessed before construction is started. This saves a lot of time compared to the conventional metal buildings. 

Ease of extension

There are options to extend PEB steel buildings. It is easy and costs less to achieve. However, it is not easy when it comes to expanding conventional buildings and costs higher to do so. For your PEB structures application needs, you can contact a reputable PEB manufacturer to make use of their services. 

Cost of construction 

Due to the structural frames that are built in large numbers, the pre-engineered steel buildings are less expensive. However, the cost of materials or components of the conventional buildings are higher. This is simply because these components are developed for specific requirements. 

As the case in any business, low cost of construction has influenced people’s choices of the building components. When it comes to commercial use, the pre-engineered steel structures are more preferred over those of the conventional metal structures. PEB structures are more affordable when you think of building warehouses and other commercial structures. This also explains why the PEB are extensively used to develop commercial outlets, car parking, work sheds, industrial units, factories and more. 

Simple construction

When it comes to the construction of Pre-engineered structures, the process is simple as it involve assembling and erection of the components. On the other hand, it is not an easy thing to get the conventional buildings set up as the construction and labor charges are on the high side. To learn more about a PEB structure manufacturer for your building needs, you can place your call.


Seismic resistance

For those areas that are prone to tremor, the PEB steel structures are ideal. This is because they weigh less when compared to the conventional metal buildings or other ordinary buildings. PEB steel structures can withstand high tremors without having to crumple. In contrast, the conventional buildings are characterized by heavy frames which can easily break down when subjected to tremor especial in seismic zones.