What is the best software to design steel structure buildings?

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In the past, if you wanted to design or construct a steel structure, you first needed to manually construct a construction plan and had to come up with hundreds of sketches on paper. This was a tedious process and was quite time-consuming. Today anyone with design capabilities can use software  that allows you to easily create complex steel structures  with ease. In this article, we will try covering some of the best software options available for you to start designing your steel structure.

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Ram Steel

It is one of the best software options available in the market that allows you to easily design and create steel structure plans. It is extremely useful, and its features provide you to create buildings and structures in accordance with the building codes and help in reducing the loads you put on the steel structure joints.

Edilus Steel

It is another top of the line designing software that also has Building Information Modeling input. It helps in designing and verifying any steel structure and is compatible with other software like Concrete or Edilus Masonry. This compatibly with other softwares allows you to create entire buildings from scratch.


Dlubal from RSTAB is another complex and powerful software that allows you to design and create steel structures. By using Dlubal, you can easily analyze a structural model and easily calculate the deformations and forces that apply to the structure. This software is also compatible with CAD and other software providing ease in transferring information from one software to the other.  It also features 3D Finite Element Analysis and Design that is used to define structures, loads and materials for planar.

Tekla Structural Designer

Tekla is a great professional tool tor designing steel structures. This software has a wide variety of features that allow for easy editing. Its comparison features allows you to quickly observe differences between design schemes.

Advance Steel

Advance Steel is built on the AutoCAD platform giving you the power to use parametric steel connections, 3D modelling, stairs, railing etc. It also has features that allow you to isolate specific parts of the project and obtain detailed data with ease. Its wide range of library helps you to advance your project faster, eliminating the need to start every element from scratch.

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