What Are the Benefits of Pre-Fabricated Buildings?

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Prefabricated buildings are constructed by industrialized production methods. Some or all the components of the building are prefabricated in the factory, then transported to the construction site and the components are assembled by reliable connections. 

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Features of Prefabricated buildings

Prefabricated buildings have the following characteristics, so the construction industry vigorously develops prefabricated buildings: 

Many building parts are produced and processed by the workshop, and many assembly operations are performed on site. The original cast-in-place operation is greatly reduced. The integrated design and construction of construction and decoration will be more cost-effective and meet the requirements of green buildings.

Prefabricated buildings have the following advantages:

1) Not subject to the restrictions of cast-in-place concrete;

2) The appearance quality of prefabricated building concrete is excellent;

3) Prefabricated buildings can achieve complex appearance shapes;

4) Prefabricated buildings are easy to combine with steel components;

5) Prefabricated building is fire-resistant construction, primer-free, and free-running exterior decoration. The overall construction speed is faster than steel structure. 

6) The surface of the prefabricated building of prefabricated building can be treated with various finishes;

7) Environmental protection for prefabricated construction sites;

8) The prefabricated sandwich thermal insulation exterior wall panels of the prefabricated building are easy to realize

9) The prefabricated component factory has high mobility, which can facilitate the production of components;

10) Compared with the large number of workers who need to use cast-in-place, the prefabricated construction site needs less labor. 

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