How to maintain your portable house

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  • 1. Choose the material of your house carefully since you .

Why do I make this conclusion ?

Imagine that if you are living in a wet region ,so under such atmosphere circumstance that 

the air would make steel go rusted in a way of far faster than in a dry atmosphere.If you 

just don't realize that situation ,and wrongly choose rock wool or glass wool as the 

material of insulation wrapped around your house , since these materials simultaneously have 

a similar flaw that EPS doesnt have ,it's difficult for them to be dried whend drenched .

In other words , using EPS or something waterproof as the material of your house would more 

or less help you maintain the house .

  • 2.Don't try to tear off the PVC layer of your panel if its not necessary .

Actually the PVC layer is perfect protector that keeping the color steel layer from rusted.

  • 3.Occasionally repaint the panel .

Coating layer would fade away if you just leave it there alone ,causing rustic in the end.

Repainting is actually the most vital parts of maintain .