The Design of Light Steel Structure Workshop

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The light steel factory building is a light steel as a framework, a sandwich panel as a retaining material and a standard modulus system. The columns are spaced together, the components are bolted, and the new concept is an environmentally-friendly and economical light steel plant. It can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled, achieving universal standardization of temporary buildings and establishing. With the environmental protection and energy saving, fast and efficient construction concept, the temporary housing has entered a series of development.

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Source: Steel Building Solutions

Light steel structure plant design principles:

(1) The scheme design should meet the requirements of production technology, use function and building function based on optimizing and selecting the scheme with reasonable structure and good technical and economic performance. 

(2) According to the characteristics of steel structure engineering, the scheme design should be carried out in terms of technical and economic performance. 

Appropriate optimization, and pay attention to the following two points: 

① In comparison and analysis, economic cost can generally be used. Steel content is used as an indicator, but steel content should not be used as the sole indicator of economic performance. In order to reduce the structural use function or safety, the pursuit of the minimum amount of steel. 

② The economics of the plant is a comprehensive and dynamic evaluation. In addition to the direct impact of steel consumption, different schemes should be considered. 

③ In the same project, minimize the types and material specifications of components and connection joints, and should be reasonably determined at the planning stage.

④ Use materials intensively and make full use of components carrying capacity, reduce the increase in steel consumption caused by the increase in the number of members due to the structure or the increase of the load surface.

⑤ Under the guidance of correct and clear concepts in engineering design, understand the application of relevant specifications, scope and application conditions. If the structure is designed according to the requirements of seismic fortification.

Basic performance of light steel structure workshop:

The residential structure of the light steel plant is made of cold-formed thin-walled steel member system, with steel skeleton made of super anti-corrosion and high-strength cold-rolled galvanized sheet. The effect of rust in the steel increases the service life of light steel components.